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Date Published: Jul 06, 2023

Check out this UNASIS aluminium slewing bearing produced for a medical application. Using an aluminium slewing bearing in a medical application can offer several advantages depending on the specific requirements and constraints of the application. Here are some reasons why an aluminium slewing bearing might be chosen:


 -Lightweight construction: Aluminium is known for its lightweight properties. In medical applications where weight reduction is a priority, such as in portable medical equipment, surgical robots, or medical imaging systems, using an aluminium slewing bearing can help achieve the desired weight savings without compromising performance.


- High strength-to-weight ratio: Despite its lightweight nature, aluminium can exhibit a high strength-to-weight ratio. This makes it suitable for applications where both strength and weight considerations are important. An aluminium slewing bearing can provide sufficient load-bearing capacity while keeping the overall weight of the system low.


- Corrosion resistance: Aluminium has inherent corrosion resistance properties, especially when compared to ferrous metals like steel. In medical environments where exposure to fluids, chemicals, or sterilization processes is common, the corrosion resistance of aluminium can be advantageous. It helps prevent degradation of the bearing over time and ensures long-term reliability.


Non-magnetic properties: Aluminium is non-magnetic, which can be beneficial in certain medical applications. For example, in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines or other sensitive medical equipment that utilizes magnetic fields, non-magnetic components like aluminium slewing bearings can help minimize interference and maintain the accuracy of the imaging or measurement processes.


- Thermal conductivity: Aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity properties, allowing efficient heat dissipation. In medical devices or equipment that generate heat during operation, such as surgical instruments or imaging systems, an aluminium slewing bearing can aid in dissipating heat, preventing overheating, and ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


- Machinability: Aluminium is relatively easy to machine, making it a suitable material for custom bearing designs. It allows for precise machining and the creation of complex bearing geometries to meet specific application requirements.


- Cost-effectiveness: Aluminium is generally more cost-effective compared to other metals such as stainless steel or titanium. In medical applications where cost considerations are significant, an aluminium slewing bearing can provide a balance between performance, weight reduction, and affordability.


It's important to note that the choice of bearing material should consider factors such as the specific load requirements, environmental conditions, sterilization methods, and other application-specific considerations. Call now at +44 1235 527 770 to consult with our engineers and industry experts to determine the most suitable material for your particular medical application.



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