Aerospace Bearings Heaters

Developed for the testing demands of the aerospace industry, UNASIS offer a range of three fully controllable, cutting-edge aerospace bearing heaters.

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Our Aerospace Bearing Heaters are excellent for a wide variety of bearing sizes with weights, from as little as 100g up to 600kg, and an OD of 25mm to 600mm.
The advanced UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heaters make an ideal solution for flight critical bearings.

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UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater

Eliminate Bearing Damage

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It is paramount that bearings are correctly mounted when managing expensive, difficult to source, and flight critical main shaft aerospace bearings. The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater stands apart from older generation heaters due to its separate temperature probe on the outer and inner rings of the bearing. These assist in exporting real-time data, and along with real-time power control the user can input the maximum temperature differential between both the outer and inner bearing rings. Thus, regulating the power to never go beyond this value and giving the user ultimate control.

It is impossible to cause false brinelling on the race surface by ensuring that the maximum temperature differential between the inner and outer ring is never reached. Furthermore, any data produced by the Aerospace Bearing Heater can be extracted onto a USB to include a “proof of work” report to supply to an end user or for internal quality control purposes. This will help to ensure that the installation was carried out correctly with full traceability and measurable data.

The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heaters deliver benefits beyond the use of standard bearing heaters or ovens. They are able to provide notable benefits to Aerospace businesses which must follow the latest regulations whilst reducing any risk of damage to components and bearings. This is achieved by providing temperature controls for the inner and outer ring throughout the heating process


All readings from our Aerospace Bearing Heaters are recorded and downloaded to a USB device to meet aerospace standards. This is carried out for retention purposes as part of the legally required “proof of works” workshop documentation.


The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heathers are manufactured specifically for engine and airframe applications within the aerospace industry. Despite this, we suggest that they are utilised in all applications where the need to document proof of results is critical.

As opposed to other operators, an engine shop using the new UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Hearer has the advantage of being able to promote and supply a higher level of quality control and thoroughness with every engine module repair. By building the reputation of your facility as well as its market standing, you can start attracting new and repeat business.


Summary of Advantages

The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater comes with several features and advantages, including:

  • 100% Heating Control
    • By accurately regulating power, the new Aerospace Bearing Heater offers easy, operator-friendly input for both the required and maximum temperature between the inner and outer ring.
  • No Magnetism
    • Magnetism can lead to undesired bearing vibration during applications and drastically reduce service life. To combat this, UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heaters are designed to not cause any magnetism.
  • Touchscreen Interface
    • An intuitive user experience with a state-of-the-art touch screen user interface.

Summary of Advantages 2

The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater offers the following benefits and features:

  • Precise Temperature Control with 4 heating options
  • Separate temperature probes on both the inner and outer rings to monitor the temperature differential between the races and automatically regulate power accordingly
  • The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater removes the costly False Brinelling during assembly. In addition to the temperature control over the inner and outer rings, false brinelling due to a thermal expansion mismatch does not occur, protecting your investment.
  • Creates Proof of Work Reports
    • Excel-formatted reports are produced to demonstrate that flight critical bearings were installed correctly.
    • Download data directly to the USB for graph creation to show the rate of heat for every component.

Eliminates Excessive Thermal Expansion Mismatch

The inner ring heats up and expands faster than the outer ring when a bearing is heated in a conventional bearing heater or oven. When using an oven, there is no method to control the thermal expansion differential, which can lead to false brinelling occurring (or minor indentations on the raceway) and can sometimes exceed the bearing clearances. As discovered by a variety of equipment and machinery manufacturers, this can lead to premature bearing failure in application. In addition, it is impossible to see what is happening in an oven, leading to ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots being undetectable which can greatly damage bearings whilst remaining unseen until they reach their in-service destination.

No Magnetism

As bearings can occasionally show unwanted in-service vibration when magnetised, our Aerospace Bearing Heaters are developed to produce no magnetism throughout operation. The heaters have been designed to provide users with a practical yet simple and precisely controlled method of heating up highly-priced bearings. The recording, data collection, and storage facility features of the Aerospace Bearing Heaters provide the ability to hone bearing heating to another level.

Proof of Work Reports

Proof of work reports in Excel formats can be stored and issued with data readily downloaded onto a USB stick detailing temperature differential between the two rings. With state-of-the-art touch-screen technology, it can be ensured that the maximum temperature differential can never be reached as our Aerospace Bearing Heaters can be set to automatically control temperature ramp up rate in real time. This data is collected as the rings are heated, with the option for users to graph this against time on a chart when making proof of work documents.

Real-time Aerospace Heater Control

The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater has separate temperature probes (one each on the inner and outer bearing rings) to ensure complete control and accuracy whilst stopping any deterioration of the bearing during the heating process. Not only does this allow users to assess the optimal temperature on either ring, it automatically adjusts the temperature ramp-up rate in real time to never exceed the maximum temperature differential. This removes the chance of differential thermal expansion leading to reduced performance and service life being caused by false brinelling.

Size Options

The majority of bearing applications within the Aerospace industry can be supported by three different UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heaters. The maximum weights possible are 50kg/110lbs, 150kg/330lbs, and 200kg/440lbs.

Summary of Advantages
Summary of Advantages 2
Eliminates Excessive Thermal Expansion Mismatch
No Magnetism
Proof of Work Reports
Real-time Aerospace Heater Control
Size Options


UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.

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