Specialist Cutting Tools

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  • V-Groove or Chamfered Bearing
  • V-Groove or Chamfered Housing
  • Sleeve Present or Not Present

Tool Style Availability

  • Drill Press
  • Portable

Delivery Time

  • Some popular sizes available from stock
  • Lead times range from 2-10 weeks
  • AOG services are available upon request

The Process

Our engine mount bearing outer rings are commonly produced from Inconel 718, which is incredibly durable and wears cutter teeth relatively quickly. Here at UNASIS Bearings, we have produced an innovative design to target this particular issue. Our Inconel Bearing Cutting Tools are glazed with a specialist PVD material which is tougher than Carbide. The novel teeth design assists in drastically improving performance and targets strong materials.


The Specialist Cutting Tool was originally designed to support the Leap 1-B Engine Mount program. The style of the tool has been retrofit to support V2500, CFM56-7B, CF6-80, and CFM56-5B along with various other engines.


Tools in Stock

UNASIS provide access to hundreds of tools for the entire bearing swaging, cutting, and testing process. For upgraded tools, the lead time can be extended for the sharpening and coating process.

Best Quality

The UNASIS Specialist Cutting Tools heat treatment processes and upgraded materials are proven to remain sharper for longer and outlast its competition.

Technical Support

UNASIS Bearings offer the best technical support for aerospace bearing tools. We utilise cutting-edge technology to develop new products and solutions.

Sprung Loaded Cutter Head

The sprung-loaded cutter head controls process is a portable option and helps to reduce wear the on teeth. In addition, it eliminates any operator error which could occur, such as overloading the cutter teeth and reduces the chance of causing any damage. This particular spring is incredibly strong to cut through tough materials.

Specialist Tool Coating and Performance

This is the only commercially available bearing cutting tool upgraded for UNASIS with Inconel 718 and additional specialist high-temperature steels. The titanium coating and specialist material are designed to perform better with exotic steel bearings, as they are proven to remain sharper for longer than the standard cutting tools.

Tools in Stock
Best Quality
Technical Support
Sprung Loaded Cutter Head
Specialist Tool Coating and Performance

Product Details

The UNASIS Specialist Cutting Tools are available in portable and drill press styles. The portable design includes a tough spring to provide optimum consistent force on the cutter teeth. This spring makes the cut repeatable across all operations by removing operator input.


The UNASIS upgraded bearing cutting tools can be utilised for the full range of bearing configurations, and not only for the specialist bearings; ensuring that your specialist Inconel bearing cutting tool remains sharper for a longer duration when used on standard BACB or MS bearings.


The Specialist Cutting Tool is used to cut either a v-groove of a bearing, v-groove of a housing, or retention sleeve. The process cuts a relief on the lip, which allows it to be pressed out without damaging the housing. Moreover, the design is constructed with the outside diameter of the teeth smaller than the housing bore, so that it is impossible to cut the housing in operation. Please review the UNASIS instruction manual, training video, and process control for customer audit purposes.


**Please consult our Engineers on tool speed and cutting fluids to optimize tool performance**



UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.

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