Anvil Staking Tool

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  • V-Groove Bearing
  • Chamfered Housing
  • Sleeve Not Present

Tool Style Availability

  • Anvil

Delivery Time

  • From in stock to 8 weeks.
  • AOG services are available upon request.

The Process

The UNASIS Anvil Staking Tools are utilised with a chamfered housing and a v-groove bearing. Our tool can be used with a mechanical/arbour, hydraulic, or pneumatic press. The UNASIS Anvil Staking Tool is a very simple process, as it uses the force from the v-groove and applies this onto the housing. We recognise at times it is unavoidable to use this process, although it is something that we do not recommend. The common process specifications are BAC5435, NAS0331, AIPI 03-03-012, and AIPS 03-03-012.


Please feel free to read about the advantages and disadvantages on our Common Bearing Swaging Methods page.




Precision Design

Our UNASIS Anvil Staking Tool is designed to sit within the v-groove of the bearing. The location where it sits is vital to ensure that no harm is caused to the bearing whilst performing the stake.

Custom Modifications

The UNASIS Anvil Staking Tools can be manufactured custom or modified to apply to every application. We are able to make them compatible with your press to further enhance productivity and workflow.

High Quality

UNASIS only use the best materials to increase tool longevity. A tool which is too hard could crack, whilst a tool being which is too soft could wear it out too quickly. Therefore, it is important to optimise the metallurgical balance to ensure this does not occur. UNASIS have decades of experience, which have allowed us to be leaders in the market for tool design.

Tools in Stock

UNASIS Bearings provides access to thousands of aerospace bearing tools from stock ranging from testing tools for proof load to bearing staking tools and breakaway torque tests.

Two Step Bearing Stake

UNASIS can provide a two-step bearing staking tool, which is dependent on the process specification. The initial step is focused on locating the bearing and stake one side. The next step is securing the bearing and leading a successful installation by double staking on both sides.

Technical Support

UNASIS provides immediate and comprehensive technical support, alongside our manufacturing and design expertise. We are always available and on call to support any requests.

Precision Design
Custom Modifications
High Quality
Tools in Stock
Two Step Bearing Stake
Technical Support

Product Details

Immense pressures and additional caution must be taken with each assembly when using the bearing staking with an anvil style tool. It is incredibly important to have an expert supplier with AOG manufacturing capabilities and immediate technical support. We are able to improve your quality and process to save time and money for bearing testing and staking. If you are interested in our solutions please reach out us.



UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.

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