Mediacal Bearings

State-of-the-art medical equipment and ultra-precise scientific instrumentation bearings, featuring sleek space saving capabilities and distinctive specialist materials.

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Bearings from UNASIS are staple products used by a range of high-technology manufacturers. Ceramic, hybrid, and thin section precision bearings have featured in cutting-edge medical and pharmaceutical machinery for many years; our team of engineering experts has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of OEMs, ensuring that producing a wide variety of medical hardware and equipment is second nature.
An important feature of 21st century medical equipment is the compact nature of machinery. Our super-thin section bearings has ushered in a new dawn of potential for medical equipment designers; their light, highly precise design paves the way for smooth usage, a critical attribute in a high-pressure environment where patients’ lives depend on reliable and accurate equipment. Our team of medical bearing engineers have the solution for design teams with bearing challenges in applications, ranging from X-Ray equipment, CT scanners, PET scanners and MRI machines.
Hybrid and ceramic bearings pose the ideal answer for medical applications, where non-magnetic, corrosion resistant and lubrication-free aspects are vital to their function. Harsh sterilisation processes do not impact these bearings, and are often used in the frictionless running of blood analysing machines and high-speed centrifuges.
We offer a variety of medical bearing solutions, and are able to produce custom bearings to suit your design or application specifically. We have a proven track record of excellence, with successful projects including titanium bearings for prosthetic limbs, ceramic bearings for blood pumps, and a myriad of compatible bearings for use in scientific vacuum instrumentation alongside medical research.


UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.

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