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We are the world leader in the design and manufacture of Aerospace bearing tools. Our most popular products being bearing swaging tools and proof load test tools. 

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Installing Aerospace Bearing Tools appears simple on the surface but as with many things, the deeper you look the more nuance arrives. Ensuring your bearing swaging tool functions properly to eliminate rejections and maximize safety takes a manufacturer with unique experience - that is UNASIS. We design and manufacture aerospace bearing tools such as bearing swaging tools, bearing staking tools, and bearing proof load test equipment.

We empower our customers to expand their capabilities while feeling confident they are supported by a world-class manufacturer. Our partners save money on tool cost and save money by streamlining their processes using state-of-the-art bearing tools. Whether you're a 145 repair facility or a contract manufacturer, we are here to make you the best bearing tools available on the market. 

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No words can better describe the purpose and functionality of a tool than a video. Here you can familiarise yourself with our very popular Aerospace Bearing Tools by watching our informative instructional videos, invaluable in quality control and for training purposes.

The reference image shows the UNASIS Tri-Roller Swaging Tool with a consistent mirror finish swage around the circumference of the bearing.


The image showcases the tri-roller tool with an even, smooth, and mirror-like surface to the swaging lip on the bearing. There is no visible gap between the swaged lip and the housing, consequently providing excellent mating and retention between both components. Here at UNASIS, this is what we look to achieve with our tools as it minimises visual inconsistencies, failed breakaway torque tests, or proof load test.


However, the image does not showcase issues such as abrading, sheared edges, micro cracks, and gauges, which can be the result of utilising more standard tools. The issues highlighted arise due to material stress and the forces used for anvil staking tools being greater in comparison to tri-roller swaging tools. There is less material stress for tri-roller swaging, as it causes the material to deform in small increments, rather than forcing a large change in one movement.


UNASIS offers a comprehensive range of cutting, swaging and installation/removal tools, as well as proof loading and breakaway toque testing tools for correct installations, testing, and removal of plain or grooved spherical bearings, sleeves, and housings. In addition, we have the capabilities to create custom design, one-off, and non-standard bearing tools and testers.

Accuracy of bearing removals from their housing is equally as important as ensuring correct installation.


Bearing cutter tools are designed and tailored to each bearing size to ensure the removal of only the bearing itself with little or no damage to the housing. The UNASIS-v-groove bearing cutting tools work by cutting down into the swaged v-groove of the bearing. This cut weakens the bearing lip so that it collapses with ease into the bore when the bearing is pressed out. The cutting tools are designed in a manner in which the cutter only cuts the bearing, consequently preserving the integrity of the housing.

The UNASIS tool for Swivel Torque Tests (occasionally called Misalignment Torque Tests) are increasingly becoming common within the Aerospace industry. UNASIS bearing tools have the only available solution to test breakaway torque and swivel torque within the same assembly. This saves setup time for operators.


The Swivel Torque Tool is compatible between the full MS14101 and MS14103 bearing range and a complete kit is available from stock from UNASIS Bearings. Nowadays, there is no need to utilise an inaccurate, unmanageable spring scale arrangement. The Swivel Torque Test Tool (or misalignment torque tool,) adapts to the Airbus and Boeing process specifications, as well as many other leading manufacturers. Contact us for more information.

Install and removal tools are designed to insert and position bearings accurately before swaging, as well as to remove the bearing when the swaged lip has been removed. Furthermore, the tool keeps the bearing perpendicular to the housing to ensure that during installation or removal it is not damaged. The sharp edges of the bearing can scratch the housing bore, so care should always be taken when carrying out bearing installations or removals.


An installation tool is not required if the housing fits are designed to be loose. However, removing bearings will always require this tool as the swaged lip exerts pressure against the housing even if it has been cut. Cutter tools are manufactured to allow the v-groove lip to collapse but still require a force to be applied in order for the bearing to break free. The use of the install removal tool ensures that the bearing is withdrawn perpendicularly from the housing, so that it is not damaged.

Once the bearing swaging or staking process has been performed, a visual inspection must be completed prior to validating the installation. The pass and fail criteria are highly dependent upon the specification to which you are working. The majority of installations require a visual inspection to ensure no metal smearing or galling is present. A clean mirror finish is needed upon inspection. Furthermore, to determine the gap between the housing chamfer and bearing groove, a feeler gauge is required: the ordinary requirement being 0.002-0.005in or 0.050 to 0.127mm. However, this varies between manufacturers as some wish for no more than 0.003in and others 0.100mm. UNASIS are happy to provide clarity on this if asked for.


After the preliminary inspection, a proof load test or a torque test is normally performed.

The UNASIS Breakaway Torque Testing Tools utilise a specialised torque wrench whilst holding the bearing in place, which measures the required torque to rotate the ball once the bearing is installed within its housing.


UNASIS Breakaway Torque Testing Tools have a simple, lightweight design which allows for easy use on components already installed in the application. These tools are simple to use and are able to record peak torque value through using the electronic breakaway torque.


The UNASIS Breakaway Torque Testers are in stock for all sizes and are designed to assist in measuring effectiveness against specific requirements of the customers’ specification. Standard tools commonly work within a range of 0-170in/lbs although, if the requirement falls outside these limits, an additional tool can be created to suit. In addition, the hardware which retains the bearing can be customised and adapted to meet complex housings.

Anvil proof load test tools are available as either anvil or portable style tools.


The press style tools can either be in the form of receiver or pusher cups to support the bearing whilst being pressure-loaded through the tests. This particular tool style is perfectly manufactured to work with a press (hydraulic/pneumatic) and customers own load cell. Press-style proof loading tools are perfect for all specifications where precise incremental loads need to be applied as they safely hold the bearing and distribute the load evenly to provide correct testing results. Each bearing size requires its own receiver and pusher cup to correctly match the swaging groove and housing each bearing.


As seen in the illustration to the left, the anvil proof load test tool must be assisted by the customers press, load reader, and measurement gauge. However, this can be very complex or impossible for certain geometries and larger assemblies.

Our Portable Proof Load Kit includes a digital load cell with TEDS memory, DTI gauge, electronic handheld display, and machined parts to test the bearing. The listed items are mobile units that enable proof loading of newly installed bearings without removing the component from its assembly. The load cell supplied with each unit is dependent to the bearing being utilised and calibrated to the suitable load value required by the specification. Electronic handheld displays can be calibrated with various load cells, which reduces cost as a single display can be returned for re-calibration. In addition, extra load cells added to its library only require the purchase of an additional load cell. All electronic proof loading tools are supplied with DTI gauges for accurate displacement measurements.


Each UNASIS Portable Proof Load Kit can be adapted to various bearing sizes without the need to purchase additional electronics. Popular sizes are held in stock, ready to be supplied immediately.


Alongside the standard sizes available, all tools can be designed to work solely with your components. Please make us aware if there is any dimension, feature, or lug which may cause restrictions for our standard tool: e.g. blocker door systems, which can be challenging for proof load tests. A custom portable proof load test tool designed to overcome access issues can be seen below.

Our Custom Aerospace bearing tools are essential in circumstances where there are access restrictions or unique housing geometry. UNASIS bearing tools are standardised and stocked for immediate delivery time and competitive pricing. However, they may not suit all applications. It is incredibly important to have bearing tooling experts with vast amounts of experience with custom bearing tools when the situation arises.


UNASIS is a supplier of specialised bearing tools for applications such as landing gears, engine castings, and blocker doors, as well as complex geometries on airframe composites. In addition, having a catalogue of proven solutions means that we never take a chance on unproven applications. UNASIS’ provides a solution with full 3D printing capabilities and engineering support for your next project.

UNASIS offer engine mount bearing tool kits. We have listed below the engines that we commonly work on and have validated kits for;

  • CFM56-5B
  • CFM56-7B
  • V2500
  • LEAP-1B
  • LEAP-1A
  • Many more

Please get in contact if you are looking to repair engine mounts with any other engine models. Here at UNASIS, we have a range of specialist tools designed primarily for high-temperature bearings within these assemblies.

UNASIS landing gear systems are special parts that require specialist bearing tools. Struts typically have access restrictions and anti-rotation tabs requiring custom tool designs. The landing gear bearings are commonly larger and less familiar than airframe bearings. In addition, oversize bearings allow for tool consolidation due to its commonality, letting a considerable number of resources to be saved.


UNASIS are landing gear bearing tool experts and have designs supporting this market. Look no further and reach out to our talented tooling experts today.

Correct bearing mounting is essential when dealing with hard-to-source and expensive shaft Aerospace bearings. Our Aerospace Bearing Heater is different from others due to the temperature probes on the inner and outer ring which utilises smart power control to export real time data. After the input of the maximum temperature between the inner and outer ring, the power is constantly regulated to never exceed the specified value; this is classed as the “smart” element of the power control. This confirms that it is impossible to destroy the bearings and for false brinelling to take place on the raceways. Furthermore, the data is extracted for internal quality control reports or to supply the customer with a “proof of work” report. This provides evidence showcasing that the job was completed correctly with precision, measurable, and verifiable data. An engine shop can market this an additional level of quality control and due diligence with every engine module repair. This in turn makes competitive facilities look amateurish. The benefits of the Aerospace Bearing Heater are that it will improve your reputation, market standing, and quality procedure. Consequently creating happier customers and repeat business.

Find our comprehensive list of Bowing bearing tools on the following page; full of old designs with modern advancements to improve quality and save on costs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options!


UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.


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Access restrictions or clearance constraints are common across various applications. We have provided a breakdown of the common challenges we face. In addition, we have tried and tested tooling solutions for all challenges.

Here you can find UNASIS Bearings guide to the process of a spherical plain bearing installation. The breakdown includes installing, proof load testing, breakaway torque testing, swaging, swivel torque testing, cutting, and removal.

This is the UNASIS Bearings list of common process specifications, such as BAPS 175, BAC5435, AIPS 03-03-012, AIPI 03-03-012 and NAS0331.

Here you can view a few common bearing staking methods. What are the differences including advantages and disadvantages? This article explores Anvil Staking, Tri-Roller Swaging and Two-Wheel Swaging methods.

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