Portable Proof Load Kit

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  • V-Groove Bearing or Chamfered Bearing
  • V-Groove or Chamfered Housing
  • Sleeve Can Be Present

Tool Style Availability

  • Anvil
  • Portable

Delivery Time

  • Hundreds of most popular sizes held in stock or on competitive delivery time for customs.
  • AOG services are available upon request.

Instructional Video

The Process

The UNASIS Portable Proof Load Kit is the most popular method of proof load testing. The tool is utilised to cut the v-groove of a bearing, sleeve, or chamfered housing. The tool is easy to use, adaptable, reliable, and completely portable. A single kit can be modified through the use of a vast range of bearings by utilising the adapter kits. This includes an electronic load cell with TEDS memory, handheld load display and a DTI gauge all calibrated to required specifications.


The images show the proof load test process in a simplified graphic representation.


Design Options

UNASIS have various different portable proof load design options to suit any application or budget, from the “wide body” design to the “clevis style” and “housing style” proof load tools. The UNASIS custom designs can suit every and any program.

Portable Design

The UNASIS Portable Proof Load Test Tool is fully portable and the proprietary design showcases its optimum accuracy and repeatability.

Kitting and Custom Cases

Our UNASIS portable proof load kits are provided in custom program cases. In addition, they are designed for specific use within each application to improve workflow and maximise productivity.

Calibrated Precision Electronics

Every electronic component of the Portable Proof Load Test Tool comes calibrated to Aerospace standards, which helps to ensure that high standards of quality are supported.

Tools in Stock

UNASIS Bearings provide access to thousands of tools for the entire bearing testing and installation process.

Design Options
Portable Design
Kitting and Custom Cases
Calibrated Precision Electronics
Tools in Stock

Product Details

The Portable Proof Load Test Tool has an ergonomic design which simplifies the process and allows customers to maximise profits by reducing the overall test time. The tool provided by UNASIS is designed for repairing benchtop assemblies or for use on an aircraft. We provide a variety of design options, so please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your needs. UNASIS have manufactured tools which have proprietary customised miniature load cells which are commercially unavailable and also able to fit within the tightest clearance restrictions. Please review the UNASIS instruction manual, training video, and process control for customer audit purposes.


All UNASIS portable proof load kits are presented within a custom laser cut case to allow them to be easily stored in a tool crib for future use and so that they can be brought directly to the job location. Ensuring that each and every component is respected, protected, and accounted for when returned to its rightful location.



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