FAA-PMA Custom Bearings

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The Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) process refers to the way in which a product that wasn’t originally designed into an aircraft can receive an FAA certification as a flightworthy replacement component. A PMA can be achieved via three avenues: Identical Product, Identical by Licensure, or Test and Computation.


Through reverse-engineering and material analysis, we offer a comprehensive service to ensure the original bearing specification is accurately determined. Working with our world-class team of engineers, we will present our customer with a detailed manufacturer’s drawing for review and approval.  The package will also include the cost of a sample run, volume production costs, and delivery times. Quality is paramount to our process and our rigorous standards are in place to we can meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s performance.


Once this process is agreed with our customer, the sample bearing run is initiated and supplied with an AS9102 Aerospace First Article Inspection Report which can then be used to obtain PMA.

We do not attempt to own the intellectual property of the bearing PMA, but work to establish long-term partnerships through trust and mutually-beneficial negotiation.


UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.

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