Bearing Reverse Engineering

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Bearing reverse engineering is a complex yet comprehensive service where a bearing is designed that adheres to or surpasses the original manufacturer’s product. This service may be useful if a bearing is no longer in production or if the bearing cost is prohibitive and a new supplier is required. Bearing reverse engineering and manufacturing can aid in helping customers gain control of their supply chains and save on costs, bearing in mind it is important to contract bearing specialists.


See FAA-PMA Custom Aerospace Bearings for Aerospace applications.


It is vital to use highly knowledgeable and experienced bearing engineers and specialized equipment when determining critical features such as raceway curvature, conformity, tolerances, and internal clearance. A database containing bearing drawings and a whole wealth of application-specific knowledge supports drive the difficult design decision such as tolerances when a large sample size is not accessible.


Comprehensive material analysis sheds light on base materials, special coating, lubrications, or heat treatments. Cross-referencing gathered data with industry standard specifications allows us to accurately classify the material and governing standards.


UNASIS’ personal and catered approach to bearing reverse engineering provides customers with full assurance and transparency throughout the process, design considerations and the final result. UNASIS will then work with customers to make their bearings to the highest possible quality standards.


UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.

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