Renewable Energy

Precise bearings that have created energy for us all.

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Hydroelectric turbines and hydropower energy productions are very unique, meaning that unique bearings are required. The environment is very hostile; bearings need to be resistant to corrosion, require little maintenance, and have a long-service life to allow applications to operate successfully for as long as possible. UNASIS bearings have been specifically designed to mitigate any issues that is presented by this industry. These bearings combine a mix of exotic material, are lubrication free, or can be specified as lubricated for life. We offer ceramic hybrid, plastic, and bespoke custom bearings that are all within our company portfolio and experience.

UNASIS has consistently been the market leader in terms of innovation and technological development as harnessing new energies evolve. Utilising our exclusive and extensive experience in developing and manufacturing bearings for other high-tech complex industries has allowed UNASIS to set the benchmark for bearings within this sector. Sluice gates, wicket roller gates, and valves all rely on quality bearings from UNASIS to deliver a life time worth of service and clean energy production. Our highly durable yet low-friction bearing options also include cam roller types that allow designers immense freedom, providing minimal-to-no maintenance and supreme resistance to corrosion.


Our renewable energy bearing experts are available to offer free and impartial advice on any and all aspects of bearing technology and applications, our choices are wide and options are extensive. Contact us today if you think we could help.


UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.

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