Super Precision Angular Contact

Building further on the advantages of standard angular contact bearings with a unique offering of innovative engineering solutions.

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Also referred to as spindle bearing, the UNASIS super-precision angular contact bearing has been tried and tested for applications in the machine tool sector. This high-speed solution has remained the bearing of choice for the most exacting applications by reliably delivering precise accuracy and increased load capacity.

At UNASIS, we are committed to making the most of these advantages through innovative solutions in the machine tool sector and beyond.
Our team have years of specialist bearing industry knowledge and experience in application engineering. They are proud to have a proven track record in the supply of precision bearings for applications ranging from high-accuracy optical sights to reaction wheels in space satellite systems. We are constantly investing in expanding out possibilities and enhancing our engineering designs through research and by utilising new materials and coatings where possible.


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Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings

Super Precision Custom Materials

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Mud Lubricated Stack Bearings

There are many reasons to pick angular contact bearings over standard ball bearings. By featuring a high shoulder on one side in their design, it is possible to insert a larger size and number of balls into the bearing. Combined with a unique cage design using a stronger enclosed pocket, this greatly increases bearing capacity.


Angular contact bearings are also more suited to both radials and thrust loads by having rings displaced against one another in the direction of the bearing axis. This mounting method creates a preload condition that guarantees non-stop contact between balls and rings, lowering vibration increasing the accuracy of the final product.


In combination with state-of-the-art materials, coatings, and lubrication options, these bearings offer you truly innovative solutions for both small prototype and large volume production.

We offer a range of different options when it comes to our angular contact ball bearings, including race materials in cutting edge steel alloys, standard steel-coated for corrosion-resistance, and dry film lubrication coatings for applications that either cannot tolerate lubrication of have extreme start-up conditions.


Bearing cages can be produced from a variety of materials such as phenolic resin as well as composites like PEEK, Vespel®, and Torlon®, and speciality alloys like titanium and Inconel. For applications where bearing cages are not suitable, full complement construction spacer balls and toroidal spacers can also be substituted.  


These advanced engineering options and the combinations mentioned above for super precision angular contact bearings offer solutions unique to UNASIS.

By combining stock components with small non-stock batch productions, we can offer industry-standard short lead times on our custom super-precision angular contact bearings. UNASIS precision bearings can be matched in face-to-face, back-to-back, and tandem arrangements. The product’s adaptability can ensure it meets your exact requirements, maximising service life even in the most extreme conditions.

The drilling heads used in the oil and gas industries are one of the most extreme operating environments for angular contact bearings. Bearings in this application are assembled in matched stack arrangements and use the highly-aggressive mud from their environment as lubricant. Combined with the shock loads and toxic chemicals present, this creates a difficult challenge for the bearings.


Our solution for drilling strings combines engineering design solutions, modern specialty materials, bespoke bearing life software, and FEA analysis to increase service life, efficiency, and maximise the value of your investment.


Contact Angle Options

A contact angle is the imaginary line that joins the point of contact between the rolling elements and the raceway and the perpendicular line to the rotational axis. Our standard range of bearings are designed with 15°, 25°, or 30° options, but 18°, 35°, 40°, and 60° options with custom designs for specific applications are also available.

Bearing Materials

Our angular contact bearings are available in vacuum degasses 52100 chrome steel for both rings and balls. We also offer a wide array of exotic bearing steels, ceramic rolling elements, and thin dense chrome-plated bearings for applications that require them.

Precision Cages

Due to its high speed, low mass, and stiffness capabilities, we offer fabric-reinforced phenolic resin cages as standard because of its highly successful track record in most applications. If your operating conditions present unique challenges such as high-temperatures, cryogenics, or ultra-high vacuum, our engineers will happily support you in producing a tailored solution.

Thin Dense Chrome Plated Bearings

Typically 2-4 µm with a cone-shaped surface texture, thin dense chromium plating offers significant corrosion resistance, and has a particularly good performance in extreme applications, especially compared to the standard 52100 bearing steel. This plating both increases the surface hardness of the bearing to around 78 HRC and improves speed capabilities, especially when paired with silicon nitride ceramic rolling elements.

Lubrication Options

Our super precision angular contact bearings are available with a large variety of sealing options for use with grease, and open bearings for oil/air lubrication. We can also include additional dry film lubrications as a bonus. Any lubrication can be added to our bearings to meet the sheer versatility of the demand, so get in touch with your engineers today to discover the perfect solution for your project.

Wide Dimensional Series

The UNASIS super precision range of angular contact bearings are available in a broad scope of sizes, suitable for both thin-section and heavy-duty applications. This includes both in our standard range where insider dimensions range from 6mm to 360mm, and outside via custom options.

Contact Angle Options
Bearing Materials
Precision Cages
Thin Dense Chrome Plated Bearings
Lubrication Options
Wide Dimensional Series


UNASIS Bearings has a vast network of distributors to reach all corners of the globe. No matter where you are, you will get the best service to go along with the best bearings.

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