Poly Coated Bearings

Cutting-edge maintenance-free bearings that eliminate the need for liquid lubrication and offer unprecedented sealing characteristics. 

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XtraPoly coating is a specialist solid lubrication that can offer outstanding benefits for certain applications. This lubrication is a polymer that is injected and cured within the volume between the rolling elements and rings. As it takes up all of the effective space, it acts as a highly effective seal. The XtraPoly coating then disperses dry lubrication during operation. This solid lubrication is perfect for applications where liquid lubrication must be avoided. As it's lubricated for the life of the baring, it's always great for hard-to-access bearing locations that cannot easily be serviced. All standard bearings can utilize this technology. The main trade-off being a reduction in the speed rating when compared to oil- or grease-lubricated bearings. Contact us today to learn more about this product and how it can add value to your system.


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Solid Lubricant

XtrPoly is cured gel which turns into a solid lubricant filling the empty space within a bearing. When stress is applied to the solid it releases a slight amount of lubricant on the balls to help to reduce friction. Once applied XtrPoly is completely maintenance free for the life of the bearing and will slow the ingress of contamination and debris into the bearing. The solid nature of UNASIS XtrPoly means that it will not contaminate the surrounding application environment making it suitable for applications where grease and oil seepage is unacceptable. UNASIS XtrPoly can be applied to all types of bearings without affecting the dimensional tolerance. However, XtrPoly will reduce the maximum speed capacity of the bearings, please contact UNASIS for more information


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