Lightweight Slewing Rings

Offering a variety of gearing and material options, Unasis lightweight slewing ring offer a viable weight saving option to a range of applications such as airborne antennae systems and lightweight robotics.


Unasis slewing rings are available to not only in a standard steel but also 420C Stainless Steel to offer corrosion resistance and Aluminium for non-magnetic and reduced weight applications. It is the ability to be adaptable, flexible and accommodating that has allowed Unasis slewing rings to be adopted as the default part in a host of robotics, defence, medical and nuclear applications.

The demands and expectations placed upon the bearing in each example have been dramatically different. The ability to accept radial, axial and combined loads, as well as gearing options including internal, external and non-geared varieties, allow flexible specification into all applications without need for a large redesign.

Unasis Lightweight slewing rings allow the easy improvement of seasoned applications with fresh technology and improved versatility.

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