Hybrid & Ceramic Bearings

Hybrid Bearings

Hybrid Bearings are bearings which comprise of steel races with a ceramic ball. Hybrid bearings are ideal for applications where you have extraordinary conditions which would cause a standard bearing to fail. Hybrid bearing can be made to run lubricant free, at high temperatures, at high speed or even at excessive low temperatures found in cryogenic applications.

Steel races enables hybrid bearing to work better with pre-existing application to overcome possible issue that could arise due to the use of dissimilar material like you would get for example in a ceramic bearings.

By altering, race way material, internal clearance, cage material, lubrication and sealing options Unasis can tailor a hybrid specifically to each application.

Unasis Ceramic Bearings

The use of ceramic bearing has become more and more prevalent within recent years as more and more people become used to the idea of for going traditional steel bearing in favour of high performance ceramic bearings.

Whilst not suited to every application, ceramic bearings have become popular in applications with extreme heat, chemical and corrosion resistance and non-magnetic requirements. Their inert properties of ceramic materials means they will not conduct electricity, rust or corrode or effect magnetic fields as well as being lighter, harder and having lower friction than their standard steel counterparts.

The use of full ceramic bearing allows the use of rolling element bearings in previously inaccessible applications.



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