Applied to bearing using a submersion process, Unasis XtrMD coating is a molybdenum disulphide based coating with the primary purpose of reducing friction within a bearing.

The coating is applied using a water-based solution therefore only stainless steel and non-corroding materials are able to be coated and will not prevent corrosion. XtrMD is inert, non-toxic and non-magnetic with a frictional coefficient of 0.16 dynamic and 0.19 static.

Possible applications
Ultra low friction bearings, vacuum compatible bearings, maintenance free bearings.


XtrTD is more dense and more stable than XtrMD and is used to reduce friction, slow corrosion and vastly reduce issues such as seizing, galling, fretting and excessive wear.

The coating is applied by vacuum depositing and the result coat is only 0.5 microns thick. As the coating is applied using a vacuum, applicable materials include:

  • 52100 Steel (standard bearing steel)
  • 440C Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Satellite-6
  • M50 tool Steel
  • BG42

XtrTD will also not easily bond to itself reducing the chance of build up on the race way system.

Possible applications
Ultra High Vacuum Bearings, High Temperature Bearings, Clean Room Bearings, Nuclear Bearings, Cryogenics Bearings, Machine Tool Bearings and Racing Engine Bearings


XtrChrome is a multistage, chemically bonding chrome plating procedure to produce a coating that contains 99.9% chromium.

XtrChrome will conform to all existing, indentations to produce an average coating thickness of 2.5 – 5 microns thick though the coating can be made up to a maximum of 12 microns thick.

The coating itself is very hard approximately 78Rc or 1360/1400 on the Vickers Diamond scale. It can be applied to a wide array of bearings and materials to produce a corrosion resistant bearing that will withstand temperature as low as -240oC and up to 850oC with minimal maintenance requirements.

Possible applications
Machine Tool Spindle Bearings, Paper Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Bearings, Nuclear Applications, Food Processing, Ultra Clean Environments, Robotics Bearings and Aerospace bearings.


XtrPoly is cured gel which turns into a solid lubricant filling the empty space within a bearing. When stress is applied to the solid it releases a slight amount of lubricant on the balls to help to reduce friction.

Once applied XtrPoly is completely maintenance free for the life of the bearing and will slow the ingress of contamination and debris into the bearing. The solid nature of Unasis XtrPoly means that it will not contaminate the surrounding application environment making it suitable for applications where grease and oil seepage is unacceptable.

Unasis XtrPoly can be applied to all types of bearings without affecting the dimensional tolerance. However XtrPoly will reduce the maximum speed capacity of the bearings, please contact Unasis for more information.

Possible applications
Assembly Lines, Conveyors, Metal forming applications, industrial and agricultural applications, manufactured board production, printing press bearings, automated applications.