Bearing Fatague Life Calculations

Using custom software Unasis Bearings are able to provide detailed calculations on the theoretical life expectancy of your bearings in application.

Aspects that can we calculate include:

  • L10 Life
  • Load Distribution
  • Contact Stress
  • Contact angle
  • Spin to roll ratio
  • Subsurface stress
  • Life over load
  • Displacement over load
  • Rotation over load

In order to conduct calculations will need the following details:

  • Load, Radial and Axial
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Environment
  • Application details and information

Conducting such calculations help us provide you with a better understanding how a bearing will interact with your application and what you can expect from bearings. This knowledge in turn can help plan service schedules and the number of replacements you may or may not need allowing you the foresight to budget correctly and make developments to the bearing to improve future versions.