Bearing Failure Analysis

Unasis Bearings are able to offer analysis and solutions to any bearing failure you have encountered.

Utilising not only visual inspection but CT scanning, digital and stereomicroscopy, and metallurgic analysis we can conduct surface examination, Non-destructive crack evaluation as well as geometric inspections to determine what could the failure.

These techniques allow us to understand what the failure mode of the bearing was and how such problems can be avoided in future.

Common failure modes include:

  • Chipping – Partial chipping of inner ring, outer ring, or rolling elements
  • Cracking – Splits, and cracks in bearing rings and, rolling elements
  • Creeping – Fitting surfaces are glazed or matted, and sometimes spalled as well.
  • Flaking – Raceway surface is flaked. Surface after flaking is very rough
  • Fretting – Fretting surfaces wear producing red rust coloured particles that form hollows. On the raceway surface, dents called false brinelling are formed at spacing equal to distances corresponding to the rolling elements
  • Indentations – Hollows in raceway surface produced by solid foreign objects trapped or impacts (False brinelling)
  • Peeling – Peeling is a cluster of very small spalls (size about 10┬Ám). Peeling can also include very small cracks which develop into spalls
  • Electrical Pitting – Surface is speckled visually and the speckles are clusters of tiny pits when viewed through a microscope. Further development leads to a corrugated surface
  • Rust – Rusting or corrosion of bearing ring and rolling element surfaces Sometimes rusted at spacing equal to the distances between the rolling elements
  • Rolling path skewing – Rolling element contact path on raceway surface strays or skews
  • Smearing – Surface is roughened and tiny particles adhere
  • Spalling – Score accompanying seizing. Mounting score in axial direction. Scores on roller end face and guide rib-cycloidal scores. Scratches in spinning direction on raceway surface and rolling contact surfaces
  • Speckles and discolouration -Raceway surface is matted and speckled. Speckles are clusters of tiny dents
  • Wear – Surface is worn and dimensions are reduced compared with other portions. Surface mostly roughened and scored

Unasis Bearings Failure analyse can enable you to get the most out of your bearings reducing long term costs in both machine downtime and bearing cost.